Germany to Launch Job Opportunity Card Starting June 2024

From June 2024, Germany will introduce a “Job Opportunity Card” aimed at facilitating legal employment for qualified foreigners. If your skills and qualifications meet the specified criteria, this card will allow you to seek job opportunities in Germany without needing a permanent employment contract.

The new policy permits recognized skilled workers with foreign qualifications to stay in Germany and look for employment. Applicants must present proof of a foreign university degree, a vocational qualification recognized in their home country or certification from a German Chamber of Commerce Abroad. Additionally, candidates are required to have a basic proficiency in either German (A1 level according to the CEFR) or English (B2 level according to the CEFR).


To obtain the Opportunity Card, you must earn six points. The basic requirements include German language skills at A1 level or English skills at B2 level, at least two years of vocational training or a university degree recognized in your home country and proof of financial stability, such as a part-time job (up to 20 hours a week) and an employment contract. Meeting these basic requirements does not earn any points. Points are awarded based on additional factors like higher language proficiency, professional experience, age at the time of application and connections to Germany.

Points allocation for the Opportunity Card

Four points are awarded for partially recognized foreign professional qualifications or for permission to practice a regulated profession. Regulated profession means Nurses, Teachers, Engineers, etc.

Three points are given for five years of professional experience in the last seven years in the relevant field, along with two years of prior professional training in the country of origin. Alternatively, three points can be earned for good German language skills at B2 level.

Two points are awarded for two years of professional experience preceded by vocational training in the last five years. Applicants under 35 years old also receive two points, as do those with German language skills at B1 level.

One point is awarded to applicants under 40 years old and for a previous stay in Germany of at least six months, with documented proof required (tourist visa is not countable). One point is also given for English skills (C1), moderate German skills (A2), having vocational training / university degree in a field with a labor shortage in Germany or if applying for the Opportunity Card with a spouse.

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