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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test conducted by Educational Testing Service, ETS, US. The scores of the GRE general test are used as one of the most important parameters by universities and colleges in the US and Canada while selecting students to their graduate program of study. Also, graduate schools and universities in other countries might require the GRE as one of their admission requirements. In addition to graduate schools, few business schools accept GRE scores.


The GRE General Test aims to assess a student’s Analytical Writing Ability, verbal skills and quantitative skills. As this is a General Test, the test does not relate to any specific field of study.


The GRE score is valid for 5 years. One can take the GRE General Test throughout the year. Most of the students take the test either in the 3rd year or at the beginning of the 4th year of college. Once cane register at or approach us for any help. Your test fee entitles you to request that scores be sent to as many as four graduate institutions.

GRE Training @ BroadMind

New GRE Format

The GRE revised General Test, introduced in August 2011, features a new test-taker friendly design and new question types. It more closely reflects the kind of thinking you’ll do in graduate or business school and demonstrates that you are ready for graduate-level work.


Verbal Reasoning – Measures your ability to analyze and evaluate written material and synthesize information obtained from it, analyze relationships among component parts of sentences and recognize relationships among words and concepts.


Quantitative Reasoning – Measures problem-solving ability, focusing on basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis.


Analytical Writing – Measures critical thinking and analytical writing skills, specifically your ability to articulate and support complex ideas clearly and effectively.

GRE Math - The Quantitative Section

In Math (Quant), the GRE preparation class at BroadMind covers topics in Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry and Data Interpretation. The GRE classroom course at BroadMind lays special emphasis on learning the basics right and then build on to tackle tougher concept in each topic. Each topic taught in the class is followed by students solving a set Quantitative Comparison questions that typically appear from that topic and questions on the “More than one answer correct” format from that topic.


Over 12 topics are covered in the theory classes. In each of the topics, basic concepts are taught that are followed by the teacher solving examples that are representative of questions that appear from these topics in the GRE test.

GRE English - The Verbal Section

As a large proportion of the students who appear for the GRE test in India are from Engineering or Science background, they normally perceive the verbal section of the GRE Test to be tougher than the quant section. Our classroom program accommodates this perception and therefore, has more verbal classes to help you crack this section of the GRE test.


Though the New Format of GRE has brought down the importance of vocabulary and word power in the verbal section, one has to improve one’s vocabulary to a reasonable extent to do well in the Sentence Equivalence and the Text Completion sections of the new GRE test.


As part of the GRE prep course, the verbal section includes a quick overview of roots and word origin for each letter of the English alphabet and helps you with techniques on improving your word power and effective ways of retaining what you have learnt. Exercises designed for class discussion and for homework have been tested and found effective in achieving this end.


Adequate number of reading comprehension passages will be administered and analysed in the classes. The variety of questions that you will be exposed to in these comprehension exercises will help you crack the reading comprehension questions in the verbal section of the New Format GRE.

GRE Training @ BroadMind

BroadMind offers comprehensive classroom training for GRE. The courses has been designed and prepared by leading educationists. We aim to provide you with the best possible assistance to help you get a competitive GRE score, which is a critical part of the graduate school admissions process.


We offer intensive classes for the NEW FORMAT of GRE at our centre. The GRE classes include training for GRE Quant, GRE Verbal and GRE AWA of the GRE General Test. Students will be provided with course material. The GRE Preparation course is designed to give you the extra edge for getting a high score in the GRE Test. The program includes Practice Tests that can be scheduled at a time of your convenience outside the class timings.

GRE Training @ BroadMind


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