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Study automobile engineering / automotive engineering course in abroad Universities and Colleges for Indian students after 12th

Study Automobile Engineering in Abroad

Automobile engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the manufacturing of the product, operating, and designing the automobiles. It is a portion of vehicle engineering which deals with buses, trucks, motorcycles, electronic, software and safety elements. Automobile engineering has gained importance ever since the passengers became familiar for transporting in motor vehicles and the vehicles became capable of transporting them.

Automotive engineering is a part of automobile engineering. This branch actually deals with the designing, developing, operating, manufacturing, testing, repairing, and servicing the automobiles such as cars, trucks, motorcycle, scooters etc. For the perfect fusion of manufacturing and designing the automobiles, there are different elements of engineering such as electrical, mechanical, electronic,

Popular Specializations

Scope of Automobile Engineering in abroad

 There is a great demand for the automobile engineers since there is a rapid growth of the automobile industries. It is one of the most challenging careers in the field of engineering with a wide scope.

There are a plenty of employment opportunities for the people who choose their career as an automobile engineer which will lead the students to a bright future. The scope for automobile industry is rising rapidly because of so many companies like Audi, Volkswagen, Renault etc.

According to the estimation of the automobile industry, the expected vehicles to be sold by the automobile sector are more than 6 million by 2020. In April-march 2015, the latest report by SIAM says that the overall automobile exports grew 14.89% over the same period last year.

By looking at this data it is very clear there is a potential automobile engineering market and the jobs in this sector is expected to grow significantly. One can expect many job opportunities in this field. The sector needs professionals with path breaking ideas for the production of more such advanced machines.

Job Prospects

In this field, there are a wide range of opportunities for the students in places like production plants, automobile manufacturing industries, state road transport corporations, service stations, private transport companies, motor vehicle departments, insurance companies etc

Candidates with master’s degree and with an experience of 5 years in teaching at graduate level or industrial experience in a reputed firm can get employment as a lecturer. Those who hold a PhD degree in Automobile Engineering can work as a researcher or a scientist and can further help in the development of the field.

Some of the career prospects in the field of automobile engineering are,

Best in Countries

The countries which are best for Automobile engineering are

Best Universities for Automobile engineering in abroad

The universities which are best for Automobile engineering are

Best companies for automobile engineering

Salary Range

The salary range for the people in the mechanical field varies according to their experience and the country.

The salary range in India is as follows:

Job LevelsIn Rupees (INR)
Entry level (0-5 years)180,000
Mid career (5- 10 years)299,000
Experienced (10-20 years)579,000
Late career (>20 years)1,225,000

The salary range in abroad is as follows:

Job LevelsIn Rupees (INR)
Entry level (0-5 years)15,79,878
Mid career (5- 10 years)27,39,635
Experienced (10-20 years)41,81,065
Late career (>20 years)63,31,183

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