Mock visa Interview and guidance

Mock Visa Interviews

Most top ranking Universities assess applicants through an interview before confirming the offer. It may be through Skype or telephone. Similarly many countries expect candidates to appear in person for Visa Interviews at the Consulate, High Commission or Visa Processing centres. Getting through the Visa Interview is a vital part of obtaining your foreign Visa we believe all candidates should be well prepared.

This is why at BroadMind, we guide and advice our students on how to tackle both academic interviews and Visa interviews. Our prep course takes place in four simple stages of mock interview sessions

  • We will first carefully assess your background to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Next, we will look into the scope of the course you’ve applied for & prepare Q & A that can be expected during the actual interview.
  • Lastly, our experts will conduct mock interviews set at various levels and assess how your responses. This assessment will guide us on how to advice you on improvements and tips for for given situations.

With this special training, you can be fully confident of the dos and don’ts of these interviews and how to tackle difficult questions and situations. Work with us and you can face the interviews head-on without fear.