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Arun Surya


Hi! I am Arun Suriya. I have completed my BE. After studying BE i had the plan of going abroad So i approached Broadmind. They got me admission in Ireland University. They helped me out to process my documents and made my visa process easy and successful. They never charged me any monetary fund for the processing. Thank you BroadMind for your service.



I am very much thankful BroadMind Team Members for all my success with respect to their constant motivation & Initiation. I am more thankful to them and won’t forget till my life time



BroadMind Group have played a major part to kick start my dream. Their support & advice have been a great strength for me. Their transparent & friendly nature have driven a good rapport between us. I am very thankful to them and also appreciate their service.

Jeya Suganya


For me, the experience with BroadMind was like being with a family. I was never treated as an applicant. They always made me feel as part of them. Anyone who wishes to fulfill their dream should come to BroadMind. Bcoz their valid guidance and friendly atmosphere is the one that cannot be replaced by any other. The valued counseling and the constant support given by them helped me to get through desire course at one of top University .The best part is that the support did not end once the admission was done .In fact, it carried on till my arrival to the new place. Overall, the total experience of BroadMind is awesome and I think it’s the best place for anyone who wants to pursue their studies Abroad



I feel its a great honour to get associated with BroadMind. Their dedication and involvement is praise worthy. They are on track to pull the things and put aside. When I was in dilemma in pursuing my next level of career, they made me to understand and realize the importance of career. Really my first meeting with BroadMind was really an eye opener.



When I decided to take-up higher studies in Australia, BroadMind helped me to choose the Best University for my desired course. They assisted from application to documentations to Visa process to get my Visa successfully.


New Zealand

I am very happy to have chosen BroadMind Consultant. I actually got my admission in AUT,NZ. But before I could apply Visa, it was quite late. My consultant helped me to get extension from the University and joined the university in time. They were very helpful and supportive.



From the beginning I felt very comfortable with BroadMind. I did so many changes in country, course, university etc., But they supported me very patiently & guided me without any hesitation. They helped me to select the right country,course & institute that suit my financial, academic and Personal requirements

Iswarya Vijayakumar


I would like to thank BroadMind Consultant for their Wonderful Service. While Selecting the course, I was very particular that I want a courses related to embedded. They not only assisted me in selecting the best country and University for my course but also helped me for applying , documentation, Visa etc., And I was surprised that I got my admission within a week. While applying for Visa, I never had any tension. Because, before submitting the document, each and every line is being verified. They gave me a clear explanation of what should be done in the Airport during the Departure and Arrival. They gave an orientation about Banking, Lifestyle, Transportation of that Country which will be very useful when I enter the country. At last, I would like to thank BroadMind for giving a wonderful future.



We get a very personalized approach and specific attention. They gave a friendly hand from my first visit to till date. Really it is an amazing with Broadmind.