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Fathima Mother-in-law

New Zealand

It was expected that he would study abroad. It was Ila Mam idea to send him to New Zealand and attend courses for post-Graduation and Diploma. BroadMind is not just in name, but rather, etched in the mind of everyone who works there, so all parents who want their children to study abroad can confidently approach BroadMind. They will clear all your doubts, and it is one of a best consultancy I know for abroad studies. I could even say it is the best! I especially praise Ila Madam for setting up offices in Madurai and Chennai, and in doing so, helping so many students who aspire to study abroad. I bless her with a good, long life so that she can help many more students.

Lakshmi Priya

New Zealand

Broadmind has been a motivating factor for me to start a good career. They are very special to me because of the confidential services that they render. They have been guiding me in the right direction from the start till the end of the process. The first step for me to reach the goal is truly by the Broadmind. I take this opportunity to thank ILA mam, NIRANJANA mam and RAMALAKSHMI mam and all the members of the BroadMind team. The kind of support and guidance given by BroadMind has helped me to prepare well for the PTE Exam. A special thanks to PTE Sir as well. Now I successfully got admission and Visa to study in New Zealand.



I came to BroadMind with only having an idea of studying abroad. But I don’t know how to start and I don’t have much knowledge about visa process too. But BroadMind team guided me from A to Z. I would like to say my heartfelt thanks to the whole team for supporting and guiding me a right path for my career and BroadMind did it all at free of cost. Once again I would like to thank whole team for their wonderful and awesome cooperation.

Vignesh Sanjeevi

New Zealand

I am Vignesh Sanjeev. I completed my Masters of Business Degree and has two years of experience in Logistics and wish to pursue my higher studies in abroad. So, I contacted Ila Mam of BroadMind regarding my abroad studies plan. She guided me on the University that would set my educational qualification and finally suggested me New Zealand. They prepared me thoroughly on each and every process and they took care of the admission process, visa process, education loan and the interview process with utmost dedication. BroadMind has made by path very successful. I thank the BroadMind for their valuable support and guidance throughout the process. I am happy and sure to refer all my friends and relatives about BroadMind. My heartfelt thanks to Ila mam and the BroadMind team for their dedicated work and effort.


New Zealand

I am going to New Zealand for doing my Master Degree. Not being a native of Chennai, I visited Chennai and Bangalore, especially for abroad studies enquiry, but I found "BROADMIND" to be very quick, satisfactory. They explained me about the course, accommodation and fees structure clearly and started and completed the process at lightening speed and guided me with care and dedication in each and every phase of the process. I thank God and BroadMind for their full support to make my process smooth and successful. On behalf of (mom) Drusilla, I take this opportunity to thank Nikila mam for solving all my enquiries at any point of time, with patience and I thank Ila mam and the entire BroadMind team for their valuable guidance throughout the process. Initially we thought the abroad process would be difficult, but when did the process with BroadMind it was a cakewalk to us. I thank and pray to God, that BroadMind should send many more students abroad and reach greater heights.



I am Priscilla's mom, I and my husband had the idea of sending our daughter for higher studies to abroad. While surfing through the net, we found BroadMind. We thought of visiting the office directly. Once, we visited their office, Ila madam gave a clear idea about the best college and the university to choose upon. They took care of the entire process with utmost dedication. They treated us like one of their family member. I am happy to have done the process with them. They have got admission for my daughter at a top level college in Ireland with Masters in Cloud Computing. I am indebted to them. I wish them all success in their future and send many more students for higher studies abroad. I had been in the city for many years, but not found genuine services like BroadMind anywhere else which is a unique quality that I felt I need to mention about it at this point of time. On behalf of Priscilla, we would like to thank BroadMind for their perfect guidance and full support throughout the process which made the process very easy for us. Let god bless BroadMind and its team with good works and reach greater heights in the future.



Hi, I am Prasad. I did by MBA at UK, unfortunately I could not complete my higher studies due to personal issues. So, I had to return back to India. After the issues were solved, again my wish to pursue higher studies was lingering in my mind, at that moment I came to know about "BROADMIND" through a well-wisher and friend. He was the one, who introduced me to BROADMIND. At the first meeting itself, I was comfortable and knew they would surely guide me in the right direction. It was like a dream come true for me, because the process was done so quickly less than a month, where I received my Singapore visa, through which I will finally reach Australia. The service they provide is quick, free and satisfied. Thanks a lot "BROADMIND" for their great support and fulfilled my wish to study abroad.



I am Ajeeth, when I visited the BroadMind Consultancy, the first person that I saw was Ila Mam. She is always busy, active and does her work with utmost dedication, so I decided to startup the process with them. I had many doubts about the process. But BroadMind took care of each and every process and I successfully received my Canada Visa. I am very happy now. I took up IELTS coaching also in BroadMind itself. IELTS sir taught me very well and I was able to score good marks which helped me to get admission and Visa in Canada. I express my heartfelt thanks to BroadMind.

Santhosh Kumar


My name is Santhosh Kumar, after completion of my B.E. I don’t know what to do. At the same time one of my best friend suggested me to meet BROADMIND CONSULTANCY and tell about me and what is my future plan and they will help us in all the manner. So I came to BroadMind and started the process and they helped me throughout my process. They gave me more details about the Country and University where I can get higher education in low fees or without tuition fees too. They gave me more ideas about my higher education. I selected GERMANY, because of my family background and economical condition. I felt that Germany is the best option for my case. In Germany we need not pay tuition fees and comparing to other country living expensive also low. I took time for the process like one and half year because my English was not that good. So I prepared myself to improve my English I joined "BroadMind Madurai" branch for spoken English and German Language. Within three months I improved myself in English and I prepared to write IELTS Exam and achieve good result. After that ILA madam helped me to apply for good and best University in Germany and I got admission in one of the best university, UNIVERSITY OF MAGDEBURG for MS in MEDICAL SYSTEMS. I am happy that my desired dream become true. I got my visa now I am going to Germany on 10 April 2015. I am really splendid to have this opportunity in my life. And ofcourse I am the first person in my family who got the opportunity to study abroad. I am always thankful to ILA madam and the entire team of BroadMind to helped me in all the ways to get success in my life. I don’t have words to say more because I never saw a team like BroadMind in my life. I always thankful to BroadMind who shown me the right path to achieve my goal. Thank you BroadMind Consultancy. I always thankful to BroadMind forever. Thank you once again!

Sultan Basha


Hi I am Sultan Basha I would like to thank Ila madam and Nikila madam a lot for making this process successful. They made arrangements for loan which was easy and a simple process as they referred to a person they knew. If I had asked outside it would have been time consuming. But throught their quick process the loan was sanctioned within a very short duration. Ila madam of BoradMind consultancy helped us a lot. Thanks a lot madam. I wish them that their service continues for many more years to come. I am Sultan's mother. My son would like to do MIT(i.e.M.B.A) course in Singapore. So we approached Broad Mind Consultancy, they helped us in taking up a loan till getting the Visa and the admission in the college.