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Neeharica Madanu

Ireland - M.Sc Cloud Computing

I have come across BroadMind Consultancy through online searching and thought to give it a try. When I came to BroadMind, I got good counseling from Ila Madam. She will guide you through the courses that are required for the student. Here, it’s a very absolute process starting from taking care of the course and getting you into your required destination of study. I can suggest only one thing, just come and have a nice tutorial with BroadMind, Chennai. Thank you BroadMind.

Kannan A.M

Malta - MBA

I just want to thank all staffs in BROADMIND for their hearty support throughout the time and helped me to get my visa and course. Their support for the students and training for visa interviews will help all the time. They provided me proper advice over the course selection and guided me throughout the application process.

K.M.Sheeba Rani


I am Sheeba. I feel very pleasure to share that I got admission in Westminster College, Malaysia. I am going to do MBA in Malaysia because of BroadMind Consultant. Ila Madam gave a pathway to my dreams. She gave me full support in various processes and till now it is continuing. I am very much satisfied with the service rendered by the entire BroadMind team. Here below, I have listed out the good features of this educational consultancy:

  1. The initial interaction and discussions were face to face
  2. Thorough listening to our needs, wishes and suitability
  3. No pushing in the course selection
  4. Transparency is highly empowered
  5. Complete and continuous monitoring, follow ups in the Visa process
  6. Accessible at 24/7 through phone calls, e-mails, text messages, video calls, etc.
  7. Friendliness is in a whole manner
  8. No demand for donations or any hidden charges
  9. Gender based care is provided especially for women candidates
  10. Trustworthy in transacting money-through proper agents
  11. Proper care provided in the pre- and post-arrangements ie. before and after joining the course
Totally, I would say that "BROADMIND IS THE GATEWAY OF LEARNING PROCESS". I wish them success for their entire academic service.


New Zealand

Hi, I am Rosario. I received the BroadMind number through SMS. During the process of applying for a visa, ILA Mam was very patient in clarifying my doubts she was very caring and helpful in giving me all the background information necessary. Whatever I needed, she would provide. She also always gave me a listening ear. I was very pleased to find that BroadMind never took money for itself, so I was getting the full benefits. Finally, I got my visa and I felt it is a dream come true. I am very thankful towards ILA Mam and all the BroadMind Staffs.

Kirubanidhi Father

Study Abroad

Hi, The first time I was introduced to BroadMind was I came across a website. Through the information provided on that website, I contacted BroadMind and staff there provided me with a clear guidance about what time my son should do his higher studies abroad. AS we had given ILA Mam and idea of what we needed before he completed his final year, the process was rather easy. After he completed his final year, ILA Mam recommended going for IELTS course and we were proud to find that my son English knowledge had increased tremendously after going for the course. Being rather poor in English, I was unsure of what to do next. Thankfully, ILA Mam was able to guide me. After that, we only had 2 months left and as we were a middle class family, all the information was provided to us by ILA Mam. Whenever in doubt, ILA Mam would immediately clarify it. We are immersely thankful to her and her family. I am certain that we would not have attained this success without her.



I have finally gotten my visa to Australia for my Masters in Engineering Management. I would probably give a rating of FIVE STARS for BroadMind, because the student support is excellent there. I have been trying different consultants for 2-3 years and in comparision, I find that none have as too much student support as BroadMind. When I tried other consultants, I called them up about ten to fifteen times and they said please call later, but BroadMind answered my call in the first moment itself. They answered me to the best of its ability and another amazing thing is that I was able to receive my Australia visa within 3–4 days of application, which I think is quite a feat. I have never seen this much effort put in by the other consultants I have approached. I have been able to come this far because of the BroadMind group, so a huge thank to them. I am truly grateful for what you have done for me.



Hello, my name is Dhanasekar. In the next fifteen days, I will be in UK and this happens only by means of BroadMind and a big thanks to team. The first time I came across BroadMind was when I was surfing the internet. The first time I called the line was busy, but they called back by themselves soon after. They provided me with information about colleges, Courses and fees in UK, which was very useful for me.



This is saravanan. I wanted to do higher studies abroad for a very long time. I approached BroadMind in the end to consult about my studies. ILA Mam helped me a lot and he put lot of efforts to get me the visa for Malaysia. They asked me to submit all the necessary documents and were careful to ensure that everything was done correctly. All the credits goes to the BroadMind group. Another good quality is that, unlike other consultancies that collect service charges from students, BroadMind collects no such fee as they think of it as a service for the students. I really must praise them for this as most people who take up this job are money oriented and do not realize the true reason for the consultancies that aid in studying abroad, namely allowing students to do their higher studies abroad. I will definitely refer BroadMind to my friends and family who want to study abroad. I want to thank all BroadMind staffs for giving me an opportunity to fly abroad for higher studies.


New Zealand

Hi, My name is Fathimah. I was passionate about doing my higher studies in New Zealand for a long time, so I searched on many websites for a consultancy I could get help from. My junior, finished his masters in UK and settled down there through BroadMind after seeing his feedback about BroadMind Consultancy he approached, I called BroadMind and talked with one of the staff. After that, I spoke with ILA Mam, who recommended courses to me, what I should go about doing, and told me where to study with my family for my higher studies. I applied for New Zealand to do my higher studies and I received a PG Diploma and Business Enterprise course in NMIT. As soon as I received the offer letter, ILA Mam helped me do the visa documentation she supported me with almost everything. Not only that, but for my visa interview, she trained me with the New Zealand solicitor. She trained me enough to ensure that I would remain calm whenever the high commission calls whenever I have a doubt, she will answer me as many times as needed without feeling annoyed. Now that I have received a visa from the high commission my dream has come true. We have decided to also apply for a visa for my husband. We have submitted all the necessary documents to ILA Mam and she started processing the documents. My flight is on September 14 and I am glad that my husband will be coming along with me. BroadMind has not only given me help and support, but has cared for me from the very start. They helped me with everything beginning from the flight ticket and until I start my life abroad. I would like to thank BroadMind from the bottom of my heart for everything they have done for me!


New Zealand

My name is Sumathi and my husband name is Mr. Vijaya Kumar. We have tried many countries and agencies for study abroad. While we were searching coincidentally that an email had been sent to us from BroadMind, I am unsure of how I received the email, but for now, that email has the turning point of my life. In the email, it was stated that if you wanted to study abroad, you could consult BroadMind, and I made no hesitation in rushing to Chennai office as stated in the email. In fact, I reached the sated address within two hours. They patiently guided me to the address without feeling annoyed, even though I bombarded then with questions. I was very pleased that instead of asking what do you want to study and we can do this for you. Ila Mam learnt more about me and then gave her recommendations. In fact, it was only then when I recalled all my past qualifications and past medics, so as to use it as a stepping stone for the future. They spent more than two hours and thirty minutes just to explain all the opportunities to me! I started gathering all the data and documents required from the very next day onwards. As soon as they received them, they recommended how to prepare the documents in the better way and helped me sort through the documents needed and those which were not. As the process was very quick, it was easy to proceed. The practices given to me fot the skype interview is still etched in my mind, it was enriching! They provided me with sample question and gave me suggestions for how to answer them. I was pleasantly surprised in seeing them have many candidates, yet paying special attention to each and every one of them I have wondered many times how they remember everyone needs. I think that was the most helful for me, for it helped me realize my mistakes and learning how to counter them. I thank BroadMind very much for the great opportunity they have provided me.