Our Services

Our Services

We offer study abroad services for our students.

Psychometric test

Psychometric test

Psychometrics is a field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement...

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Everyday students from all walks of life dream of a good education and career abroad but need guidance on ..

Country selection

Country selection

BroadMind works closely with 100 plus Universities and Colleges in 18+ countries. Each country will have its own ..

Course/ University selection

Course/ University selection

Selecting a course abroad is a crucial step for any student, so here at Broadmind,..

Admission Assistance


We help our students in the Application process which would differ from Universities to Universities. Similarly,..

Documentation Services


If a student is planning to study abroad, then there are various process and documents are involved, which can be..

Educational loan assistance

Educational loan

Higher education in abroad countries is a dream for many students. Many students wish to study their bachelors..

Scholarship Assistance


Broadmind assist the students to gain scholarships for their studies abroad. Merit Scholarships, International,..

Student visa assistance

Student visa services

Getting his Visa Approval is equally important to join the course successfully. Visa approval is a sole discretion..

Mock visa Interviews

Mock visa Interviews

Most of the top ranking Universities offer admission after assessing the student through interview. We..

Accommodation Assistance


Our BroadMind team would assist our students in finding right accommodation matching to your budget..

Travel Assistance

Travel services

We have our travel desk to take care of your travel arrangements. They will help you to book your tickets well ..

ForEX Services

Forex Services

Students planning to study abroad need to have access to funds to study..