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Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is a computer-based test to test your English Proficiency for study abroad and immigration.It assesses Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing abilities of the Test taker who needs to demonstrate their English proficiency to get admission in Universities or to migrate to an English Speaking Country.

PTE is approved by the Australian Government for visa applications and accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale and INSEAD.

PTE Academic delivers Test takers language ability report to Universities, Government departments and other organizations requiring academic English. PTE Academic is endorsed by Pearson.

Pearson run test sessions 364 days of the year. So you have wide options to choose your test date and test centre.

Quick facts
Nature of test Computer Based
Test Registration Mode Online
Score Validity 2 years Official
Rescheduling Fee 25% of the test fees
Test Results Time Approximately 5 days
Extra Score Reporting Fee No fee
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Why learn PTE


  • PTE is accepted by many universities and study programs across the world
  • Since PTE is a computer based test, it is fair and secured and the correction is done accurately.
  • PTE results are available after 5 business days.
  • PTE tests are conducted in more the 50 countries.
  • PTE tests are accepted by Australia and New Zealand.
  • PTE scores can be sent to any number of universities without additional fees.

Test Format

PTE Academic is a computer-based test that measures your Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing skills in English.

The format of the test is,

Part Content Time Allowed
Introduction Introduction Not timed
Part 1 Speaking and writing 77 - 93 minutes.
Part 2 Reading 32 - 41 minutes
Optional break - 10 minutes
Part 3 Listening 45 - 57 minutes

PTE Score Required for Higher Studies in Abroad

Undergraduate Programs : Between 51 and 61

Postgraduate Programs : Between 57 and 67

MBA : Between 59 and 69

PTE Score Vs Common European Framework Level

PTE Academic Score Common European Framework Level
76 - 84 C1
59 - 75 B2
51 – 58 Predicts success on easiest tasks at B2
43 - 58 B1
36 – 42 Predicts success on easiest tasks at B1
30 - 42 A2
10 - 29 A1 or below

Why Broadmind

PTE Training @ BroadMind

  • Well experienced trainers with more that 15+ years of experience
  • Native English Speakers are available to take classes
  • Personalized One on One coaching
  • Periodical Mock Tests and Assessments
  • Free PTE Materials and E-Books
  • Flexibility of batches

Trainer’s Profile

  • Experience faculty from Australia with expertise in PTE.
  • Experience of handling communication skills for Colleges Students and Working Professionals.
  • Experience of working with premier training centres.
  • Attended and presented papers in National and International Conferences.
  • International diploma in Teaching and Training from Cambridge (CIDTT) with distinction.
  • On-line Training experience for all levels in English etc.



Certificate on Training Conducted by PTE


Student’s Choice Award for 2014



  1. What is PTE Academic?
  2. PTE Academic is a computer-based English language test for international students recognised by leading universities and colleges all over the world.

  3. How is it different from other tests?
  4. Authentic test content and tasks: demonstrating your ability to use real-life academic English. Fully computerised test: providing fair and reliable results. Fast delivery of results: typically within 5 working days. Flexible booking: book for the next day or next week, no need to wait longer!

  5. Who recognises the test?
  6. The test is recognised by 3000 programs globally and is recognised by DIAC and UKBA for student visa applications.

  7. Where can I take the test?
  8. There are test centres in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune To check availability in real-time visit

  9. What is the cost for the test?
  10. The fees for taking PTE test is 11,102 INR

  11. Test duration
  12. 3 hours

  13. How long the score does remains valid?
  14. 2 years

  15. How do I register for the test?
  16. Register on Pearson website by visiting

  17. How do I prepare for the test?
  18. Make sure to get yourself familiar with our range of preparation resources at

  19. What score do I need?
  20. Check the score you need with the university you are applying to. Most UK universities require a minimum score of 51 for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and a minimum score of 36 for qualifications below degree level.

  21. How will the university check my score?
  22. Results are issued to candidates securely online through your Pearson account. We do not issue paper certificates to students or institutions. Once you receive your scores you can send them online to as many institutions as you want, free of charge.

  23. Do I need to provide my score report if I am applying for the UK student visa?
  24. If you are applying for a UK student visa you must also send your scores online to the UKBA and also print a copy of your results to include in your visa application.

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I am S. Sanjeev, I am grateful to Broadmind for excellent training for PTE, I am happy to say I got a good band score. I am sure that this could happen only because my tutor who made me to workout several Mock Exams. Now I got a good score and successfully got admission from a University in Australia. Thank You Broadmind Group!

Fathima Sulthana

Fathima Sulthana


I am Fathima Sulthana. Studied for the PTE exam in Broadmind, I am happy and proud to be the student of BroadMind. The PTE faculty helped me to understand the skills required in a easy method. When I found it difficult to understand listening skills, he asked me to practice more Mock Test. Only because of that I was able to get a good band score.

Asha Else Mary

Asha Else Mary


I had very good experience with my Tutor. Excellent trainer. It was a great experience to me to have a tutor like this in my life who support me in not only to mould my language but also encourage me to get good score. I will be thankful to Broadmind group always. I got a good score and got the Scholarship as well to study in an Ireland college.




Excellent coaching, homely atmosphere and good care. Master gave me many classes and mock practice before the exam. In a short time period I had learnt all the exercises and this enabled me to get high score band. Thank you team of BroadMind.




This coaching was very helpful to me to get better score in my exam. Thanks to Broadmind.




The way of teaching is very nice. Doubts are cleared immediately. Books, Materials, Tests are very useful and helpful. Thank you sir and BroadMind Consultancy.

Vanathy Vishali

Vanathy Vishali S


The teaching and the way of explaining was appreciable. Whenever I have doubts, I can ask them. And it was clarified immediately without any hesitation.

Anirudh Baskar

Anirudh Baskar


Had a good session of class. All my doubts are cleared immediately. Materials provided are really useful to me. I feel myself comfortable that English has improved a lot and I am confident that I will get good results in my exam. Thank you BroadMind.