Marine Engineering

Study Marine Engineering in Abroad

Marine engineering is a branch that deals with architecture and science. Marine engineering is a type of engineering which involves designing, construction, operation, maintenance of the ship functions etc which includes anchoring, steering, cargo handling, ventilation, heating, air conditioning etc. A marine engineer is responsible for the operation, repair and maintenance of the mechanical equipments which on board a ship. There are numerous mechanical systems which helps in the operation and maintenance of the vessels such as propulsion, electricity, lubrication, water distillation, mechanics, lightning, electricity, fuel systems, power generation, air conditioning systems etc. These are the technical responsibilities of a marine engineer.

The marine engineers are responsible for the selection of ship’s machinery which includes steam turbines, diesel engines, gas turbines, and also responsible for designing the electrical, mechanical, fluid and control systems throughout the vessel. They are in charge for the team management of marine technicians and they are the members of the ship’s crew. The main duties of the marine engineer are construction, operation and maintenance of the engine room and also ensure the safety of the marine body. The role of the marine engineer is widened and smoothened with the development of modern electronic navigation.

  • Scope of Marine Engineering in abroad
  • Career Opportunities
  • Popular Universities
  • Best Companies
  • Salary Range

Scope of Marine Engineering in abroad

There are various opportunities in the field of marine engineering in private, corporate, educational and government sectors. You can work both onshore and offshore. There is a huge demand of marine engineers as the candidate has to stay away from the land for months. In the government sector, the marine engineer can opt for naval services.

Nowadays ships in the marine industry are using modern technologies and modern equipments which can be understood and maintained only by the marine engineers.

There is a huge scope for marine engineering as there is a huge demand in the future for marine engineers. There is a need for marine engineers in the future as half the world depends of water and there are various jobs in which marine engineers are required.

Job Prospects in Marine Engineering

There is a huge demand for marine engineers and there are many opportunities in this field.

The marine engineers can also get opportunities in marine metals and corrosion, remote sensing, renewable energy, offshore oil recovery, underwater vehicles and marine transportation etc. The marine engineers can advance their post into supervision or management with experience.

This job requires high discipline and responsibility. There is demand in the oil and gas industry. They have to design and build pipelines and other equipments.

Some of the job roles include

  • Navy Weapon Engineering Officer
  • Harbor Master
  • Chief Engineer
  • Third Engineer
  • Fourth Engineer
  • Second Engineer
  • Marine Engineering Officers
  • Junior (Fifth) Engineer

Best in countries

    The countries which are best for Marine Engineering are
  • United states
  • United kingdom
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • California
  • China
  • New Zealand

Popular Universities for Marine Engineering in abroad

Some of the popular universities which are best for Marine Engineering are

  • South Tyneside College
  • Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • Maine Maritime Academy
  • California Maritime Academy
  • United States Merchant Marine Academy
  • United States Coast Guard Academy
  • Webb Institute
  • University of Michigan
  • State University of New York Maritime College
  • Australian Maritime College
  • Dalian Maritime University
  • Toba National College of Maritime Technology
  • The Marine Society College of the Sea
  • University of Southampton
  • Texas Maritime Academy
  • Canadian Coast Guard College

Top Companies for Marine Engineering

  • Shanghai Waigaoqiao.
  • Imabari Shipbuilding.
  • Hyundai Mipo.
  • Oshima Shipbuilding.
  • Tsuneishi Shipbuilding.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industry.
  • Hyundai Samho.
  • Samsung Heavy Industry.
  • Daewoo Shipbulding.
  • Hyundai Heavy Industry.
  • ABG Shipyard Ltd.
  • Walrus Marine & Engineering Company Private Ltd.
  • Zentech India Offshore & Marine Enterprises.
  • Irm Offshore and Marine Engineers Private Ltd.
  • Coastal Marine Construction and Engineering Ltd.
  • Arcum Engineering (P) Ltd.
  • Vanson Engineering Private Ltd.
  • The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.
  • Cochin Shipyard Ltd.
  • The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.

Salary Range

The average salary ranges by rank in marine engineering.

The salary range in India is as follows;

Job levels In lakhs(INR)(per annum)
Fifth Engineer or Engineering Cadet 4.2 to 9
Fourth Engineer 18 to 27
Third Engineer 33 to 42
Second Engineer 48 to 60
Chief Engineer 60 and above.

The salary range in abroad is as follows;

Job levels In lakhs (in to INR)(per annum)
Fifth Engineer or Engineering Cadet 2, 34,768 to 9, 39,168
Fourth Engineer 15, 65,340 to 31, 30,680
Third Engineer 31, 30,680 to 46, 18,656
Second Engineer 58, 71,132 to 74, 36,208
Chief Engineer 78, 26,964 and above