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IELTS Indicator is an online test that has been specifically designed to allow test takers continue their education journey during the COVID-19 outbreak. IELTS Indicator is an online test that can be taken by the test takers from the safety and comfort of their home. It includes all four skills; Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. Speaking test will continue to be face to face via video call with our examiners. The test is developed using certified IELTS content and will be marked by IELTS examiners. Test takers will receive their scores within 7 calendar days of taking the test. test. The score can be shared with receiving organizations who may accept it to provide a conditional offer. Please advise test takers they should contact their university or education provider to see if they accept IELTS Indicator.

IELTS Indicator - An Online IELTS Test from Home

Test takers can book directly online at . The IELTS Indicator test will be delivered online once a week (Academic) at a fixed time. As the test uses live materials the test must be accessed at this time –test takers will not be able to join the test later. The test can be taken on any suitable desktop/laptop computer (MAC or PC) in a quiet room. The test cannot be taken on a phone or tablet.

Note: Currently, IELTS Indicator is available only for academic purpose. It is unlikely that IELTS Indicator will be accepted by migration authorities therefore it should not be recommended for those taking the test for Visa purposes.

Test Fee - $149 USD

System Requirements – Please check the link for system requirements to take the test

For more information or to book the test, please follow the link

Bookings are now open for test dates starting 29-Apr 2020. Please click the following URL to book the IELTS Indicator test

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