Forex Services

Foreign Exchange (ForEx) Services

Students intending to study abroad need access to funds to study and live abroad. In order to do that, they need to have currency that is permitted in that particular country. ForEx services are thus essential for students to make their study abroad journey smooth and easy.

BroadMind has associations with leading ForEx providers regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. These ForEx dealers offer our students with competitive exchange rates and prompt services. No Service Charges and Bank Charges will be collected from our Students. We will provide you with assistance regarding demand drafts in foreign currency, travelling cheques, travel cards, international debit cards, wire transfers & currency notes. With our team, you can be assured of the best exchange rates and a seamless flight there.

We help the students in various ForEx services such as,

Types of ForEx services

demand draft

Foreign Currency Demand draft

foreign currency

Foreign Currency notes

Travellers cheque

Traveler’s Cheque

International Debit card

International debit cards

travel card

Travel Cards


Wire transfers