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A good IELTS score is the passport to your Career Abroad

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam preparation courses are an excellent way to show Universities, employers and other institutions that you have a high level of English. The qualification from these courses are respected and recognised WORLDWIDE.

IELTS is jointly managed by University of Cambridge, the British Council and IDP Education. The IELTS is essential for entry into many countries namely USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc. for higher studies or employment or immigration.

These exams are recognised internationally by Employers, Universities and Governments. More than 3800 Governments, Universities and Professional Organisations and more than 6000 Educational Institutions in 120 plus countries namely USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries accept IELTS as valid language Certification.

There are two versions of the IELTS namely the Academic and the General:

  • The Academic version is intended for those who want to pursue higher education in abroad and for professionals such as Medical Doctors and Nurses who want to study or practise in an English-speaking country.
  • The General Training version is intended for those planning to undertake non-academic training or to gain work experience or for immigration purposes.
  • All candidates must complete four Modules - Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. IELTS scores are given from "Band 1" ("non-user") to "Band 9" ("expert user"). Band scores are used for each language sub-skill: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The validity period of this Score card is 2 years. The duration of the test is 2 hours and 50 minutes.
Nature of Test Paper Based Test (PBT)
Test Pattern Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking
Test Scores 0-9 band. Required Score for UG - 6.0 band and for PG - 6.5 bands. Top universities may require 7 band
Test Score Validity 2 years
Test Result Will be published after 13 days of taking the test
Test Registration Centre BroadMind office or British Councils / Libraries across India
Mode of Registration Online or Walk-in to the Centre with required documents
Proof of Document Required for Registration Original & Valid Passport, 2 photos signed at the backside
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Why BroadMind?

IELTS Training @ BroadMind

BroadMind is an authorised IELTS Test Registration Centre for British Council and IDP. Hence the candidates can register for their IELTS Exam at BroadMind and can choose their Exam dates.

We also provide In-house IELTS Training in our office in Chennai which guarantee our candidates for career abroad since IELTS and career abroad complement each other. We have the most systematic approach to the IELTS Training and producing excellent results.

  • Authorised IELTS Test Registration Centre for British Council and IDP
  • Trained by ETS-TOEFL and Pearson Test of English
  • Highest Score: 8.5 Band
  • Trained 1000s of students
  • British Council Trained Trainers
  • Well experienced Trainers with more that 15+ years of experience
  • Native English Speakers are available to take classes
  • Personalised One on One coaching
  • Periodical Mock Tests and Assessments
  • Free IELTS Materials and E-Books
  • Language Lab with Good collections for IELTS Materials
  • Crash Course / Week day / Week End / Online courses are offered
  • Official Representative of 100 plus Universities in 18 countries
  • Offer Free Consulting service for career abroad

The programme is said to be designed around an understanding of the testing pattern and the requirements of the candidates using the expertise and experience of the British Council Trained Trainers. Preliminary assessment for initial evaluation, personalised coaching, personal interactions with tutors, audio-visual inputs, continual assessment and mock tests are said to be some of the teaching methods. A language lab open to students and periodical tests by IDP and British Council are other features of the training.

We are a specialist in IELTS preparation. Our Trainers are British Council Trained Trainers. All Trainers of IELTS are experienced experts in IELTS preparation and the IELTS exam, they understand what is needed to gain a high score and the importance of the exam. You will be taught skills and techniques, get regular feedback and homework tasks. You will also have the opportunity to have IELTS exam practice.

If your English level is below intermediate we recommend starting a General English course until your level improves. We help students as much as possible to achieve their target and required score.

We offer varied services to help the test takers prepare and become successful in the test. These services include but not limited to FREE preparation materials, use of IELTS Resource Centre, orientations, etc.

Trainer’s Profile

  • British Council certified trainer for BEC and IELTS
  • Anglo Indian
  • Experience of handling communication skills for Colleges Students and Working Professionals
  • 15 plus years of experience in facilitating and training adults in the aspects of spoken English, soft skills, IELTS, BEC, etc.
  • Have 8 plus years of working experience as a lecturer in English
  • Working Experience with leading training centres
  • Attended and presented papers in National and International Conferences
  • Trained National and Foreign Corporate (Korean) in Spoken English
  • International diploma in Teaching and Training from Cambridge (CIDTT) with distinction
  • On-line Training experience for all levels in English, SAT, etc.


1. IDP’s Authorised IELTS Test Registration Centre Certificate

IDP’s Authorised IELTS Test Registration Centre Certificate

2. Authorised IELTS Test Registration Centre Certificate issued by British Council

Authorised IELTS Test Registration Centre Certificate issued by British Council

3. Certificate on Workshop Conducted by ETS-TOEFL

Certificate on Workshop Conducted by ETS-TOEFL

4. IDP’s Authorised IELTS Test Registration Centre Certificate

IDP’s Authorised IELTS Test Registration Centre Certificate

5. Student’s Choice Award for 2014

Student’s Choice Award for 2014

6. Certificate on Training Conducted by PTE

Certificate on Training Conducted by PTE

Testimonials - Chennai Batch

T. Vinoth

IELTS General

First of all, I want to thank BroadMind IELTS Institute and the Trainer. The classes are very useful. In fact, I and my friends got the Job in Australia and we must produce our IELTS score within a month. So we had very limited time to take training. But understanding our needs, trainer took special efforts and conducted additional classes for special coaching. Now we learnt lot of tips and I gained confidence to pass the exam with good score. Thanks to BroadMind IELTS coaching center.

Anju Mary Sajan

IELTS Academic

Improved my language as well as other communication skill after I joined programs. Classes were very interactive in my batch and also more interesting. Nice institute for studying and I would recommend BroadMind for first class English coaching, IELTS and other foreign language classes.

D. Dillip Kumar

IELTS Academic

Good trainer, wonderful environment. More comfortable and very friendly to the students. Thank you BroadMind Consultancy for giving me such a very talented person as a trainer.


IELTS General

Really I feel very happy after I joined BroadMind IELTS coaching institute. Because the trainer is taking classes very well, meaningful and understandable way. Also he is very kind with all of students. Besides his teaching, he is giving lot of tips and advice on how to get good score in IELTS exam.

P. Perumal Raja

IELTS General

The trainer taking class very well and in a proper manner. He is always kind with us and motivate us to get high score in IELTS exam.

P. Sivaraj

IELTS General

Coaching class in BroadMind is very useful to me. I could get lot of ideas and tips for IELTS exam. Now, I am sure about the exam pattern and definitely will achieve my target score.


IELTS Academic

Taking IELTS classes here is very good and the trainer coaching is well superb. He cleared all the doubts and taking special attention to the students. Feeling confident now to take IELTS exam.

G. Veerasekaran

IELTS General

IELTS Class is really good, I could understand all modules such as listening, reading, speaking and writing very well. It has really improved my scores. Tutor is simply excellent. Thanks BroadMind for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Subbu Lakshmi

IELTS General

Since I joined IELTS class in BroadMind, my knowledge gets improved. I really enjoyed the class very much and it makes me more confident. The class is very interactive and useful. Trainer is really helping me a lot and I could improve my skill in terms of English. Overall, I have a great experience in fluent English communication. Thank you BroadMind.

Shaiq Salman

IELTS Academic - Score 7

The tutor is very friendly and knowledgeable. He helped me to develop my confidence level and told me the techniques to score well in IELTS. Moreover the class is quite interesting.

Testimonials - Madurai Batch

M.A. Hameeda Fasila

IELTS Academic

The days which I have spent here for IELTS classes was very useful and very informative. I feel very happy about my IELTS score of 6.5. Thank you very much for the BroadMind members who are part of my success. The co-operation and sacrifices of BroadMind for us are really appreciable.

A. Vinothini

IELTS Academic

The way in which BroadMind take classes are really good and so helpful for me. May be I’m unlucky person to miss this sir from my initial classes. Only my mistake for this score, may be lack of concentration. Anyway, thank you BroadMind.

S. Ananthakannan

IELTS Academic

I feel immense pleasure to be a part of BroadMind group. To be lucid, BroadMind Consultant is the only educational consultancy in Madurai with genuine guaranteed education service. I specially thank Mrs. Ila Mam for her tirelessly support for my higher study desire and feel that she is one among best human in this world to be respected. I thank all BroadMind Group members and I am very much happy to be one among BroadMind family.

C. Saranya

IELTS General

Our trainer is very good trainer. His teaching method is totally different and we can understand easily and clearly and how to face IELTS exam. His training is very useful for my IELTS preparation.

R. Ganesh Kumar

IELTS General

I want to study the IELTS in your centre because so many of my friends refer BroadMind. Also, I like your coaching and teaching methods. I feel very happy to be a part of BroadMind.

K Aadarsh

IELTS General

I joined the IELTS class in BroadMind IELTS coaching centre. The classes are getting better and better. The way of communication to the students is good. The courses are getting easier by the way of their teaching. All the postponed classes are informed properly. As per my concern there are no demerits in this institute. Thank you BroadMind :)

P Sangeeth

IELTS General

Class is going very interesting and friendly manner. The interacting with faculty and other students are quite well. I can get more details and study tips from Chitrakala Mam. It is easy to understand stuffs from her teaching. Thank you BroadMind!

S Prabaharan

IELTS General

Before I join in IELTS class, I do not know about the IELTS examination. But now I clear how to attend the examination. Because BroadMind staffs teaching and guidance is very excellent with student friendly. So, definitely I will achieve my best IELTS score.

K Moorthy

IELTS General

I think BroadMind is one of the best institute and necessity for students in Tamil Nadu. Because I come here only for studying IELTS, they trained me in the right path and also they gave lot of guidance and suggestions for my higher studies. One thing I need to tell here is, if they provide computer individually, that would be better for them.

R Nithin Kumar

IELTS General

It was a great time in the BroadMind IELTS class. Chitrakala Madam is most friendly and easy going staff I have ever met. I have great hope on your institution and you will be giving more opportunity to lots and lots of Indian students.