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  • Vigneshvel


    When I decided to take-up higher studies in Australia,... Read More

  • Anbuselvan

    New Zealand

    I am very happy to have chosen BroadMind Consultant... Read More

  • Mahalakshmi


    From the beginning I felt very comfortable with BroadMind...Read More

  • Suman


    First I got to know About broadmind while surfing internet... Read More

  • Shyam


    I am extremely satisfied by the assistance of BroadMind... Read More

  • Muthukumar


    I am very much thankful BroadMind Team Members...Read More

  • Surender


    BroadMind Group have played a major part to kick start my dream... Read More

  • Jeya Suganya


    For me, the experience with BroadMind was like being with a family.... Read More

  • Yogesh


    I feel its a great honour to get associated with BroadMind....Read More

  • Lakshmi Priya

    New Zealand

    BroadMind has been a motivating factor for me to start...Read More

  • Vignesh


    I came to Broadmind with only having an idea of studying...Read More

  • Santhosh Kumar


    My name is Santhosh Kumar, after completion of my B.E...Read More

  • Ajeeth


    I am Ajeeth, when I visited Broadmind Consultancy, the first...Read More

  • Vignesh Sanjeevi

    New Zealand

    I am Vignesh from Tuticorin. I have finished my Masters...Read More

  • Prasad


    I am Prasad, I did by MBA at UK, unfortunately I could not...Read More

  • Priscilla


    I am Priscilla’s mom. I and my husband had the idea...Read More

  • Drusilla

    New Zealand

    I am going to New Zealand for doing my Master Degree...Read More

  • Rajesh


    BroadMind has changed my entire life. While entering into the BroadMind....Read More

  • James Cook University, Singapore

    BroadMind, Madurai

    22-May-2016: JCU would be conducting Scholarship Test in Coimbatore to study in Singapore & Australia. Register now

  • Griffith College, Ireland

    BroadMind, Chennai

    10-May-2016 @ 4.30pm: Spot admission to study in Ireland at BroadMind Chennai. To join in this event, register today!

  • Coventry University, UK

    BroadMind, Madurai

    7th-May-2016: On-spot admission to study in Coventry University, UK. Contact our Madurai branch for further details

  • James Cook University, Singapore

    BroadMind, Chennai

    27-Apr-2016: Students & Parents meet the Director of JCU Singapore and get clarified. Interested candidates call +91-9790950111

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